The Halcyon Retreat

NEXT RETREAT DATES – 9.00 am to 4.30 pm
Tuesday 3rd May 2022
Thursday 26th May 2022

Take time to restore, and get new perspectives

Enjoy some time out to relax and reflect in the beautiful surroundings at Laskill. During our one day retreat you will be able to connect and get new perspectives on life’s changes and learn how to quieten the mind and body to find balance. Laskill is truly a special venue, built on the grounds of an 11C Cistercian settlement and later a Quaker site. Just being here will soothe your soul as well as giving you practical guidance and tips to take away.

The theme of the day centres around mindfulness and living a life truly awake with a quieter mind. The hospitality aims to give nurture, exploration care and fun before leaving refreshed with a new sense of purpose.

  • Arrival, introductions
  • Understand how our minds often operate in automatic pilot, creating habitual patterns of behaviour
  • Try a simple body scan
  • Are you a human being or a human doing? Discover how the way we see events affects the body, our judgement and behaviour
  • Learn how to break the loop and be free of negative thoughts to make wiser choices
  • Connect and experience how nature helps us
  • Take away a simple meditation exercise that can be used at any time
  • Action plan beyond today


“Philippa and Mandy are a great host & a great teacher. A very interesting day and good to make time for myself and learn to be proactive, and stop and listen to my surroundings and influence situations.”

“The positivity was great. It was very calming, relaxing, stepping into nature and switching off completely.”

“Taking time to be mindful and relax, let the worries wash over you. Learnt to be more aware of my emotions and how I can influence them.”


The Halcyon Retreat was initially a vision that has become a reality. A place to ‘stop the bus and get off’ for a little while whilst at the same time learning techniques to empower and enhance your life.

Spend the day with the help of mindful coach Philippa Mooney , who never ceases to amaze us with her teachings. The Day Retreat, will include food and in addition a full programme of mindfulness and meditation, guided walks and time to reflect.

What is the Halcyon? Is it for me?

The overarching theme of the retreat is essentially, time out for you, which in turn means it is for everyone. The Halcyon offers time & space to ‘take stock’ and gain new perspectives on life – in like-minded company, led by Philippa. There are breaks for discussion, opportunities to relax and practice, and the additional opportunity to have a 1:1 before you leave feeling reset and refreshed.

Retreat time addresses what seems to be a growing disquiet and need for those who want to find a more harmonious and fulfilling life at work and home.

Sometimes, it may be that we need to physically detach, and have space and time to be away from things.  There is no doubt that retreat is a really helpful and relaxing experience where you can gain perspective, take a look at what your life could be and work out how to achieve this.  You will leave feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated with a clearer idea of the way forward.


Laskill is nestled in the North Yorkshire Moors in the dale of Bilsdale, a truly special place – (if you’ve been before, you won’t need any persuading!) Surrounded by fields, forests and fresh air, it is a place where everybody should feel at home and at the same time feel thoroughly spoilt, in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Our hospitality is provided to give nurture, inquiry, care and fun, while the serene environment is bound to captivate you, before you leave refreshed and with new sense of purpose.


Mindfulness is being aware of our thoughts, feelings and body in any moment without making judgement, or slipping into the past or future.  It means living connected to what is actually going on inside and outside of yourself from which point you can become free of negative, consuming thoughts.   This leads to making wiser choices for a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.


About Philippa

Philippa’s passion for personal development has its roots in her own life experiences when she sought out more understanding of how she was responding to the birth of her first child who was born with a disability.  Philippa’s world was shaken, not only by being a first time mum but also from making sense of what happened. Discovering the power of being able to reflect and accept her own emotions and responses started an interest in learning and practicing self-awareness on every level.

Over the following years this Philippa continued to develop and use these skills in her work as a lecturer, tutoring and counselling students and then later working in health promotion, specialising in stress management and organisation development.   Eventually she decided to set up on her own, allowing flexibility to work all over the UK and New Zealand, whilst continuing to add to her learning in clinical hypnotherapy and executive coaching.

I am pretty sure my learning will go on expanding and, as life challenges continue, I walk the talk and love inspiring and motivating people with ideas and ways to improve living – which, incidentally, makes my own life even better!


Mindful Coach Philippa (left) and owner of Laskill Mandy (right)

Booking Information

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The Halcyon Day Retreat is from 9.30am – 4.30pm and includes lunch –  £75.00 per person.



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