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I am running my own business, from a place I love, mainly because I was born and bred here, but also f or the idyllic location.

My Mum, Sue, began the business over 50 years ago, letting 1 room B&B in our family home (quite radical for Bilsdale in those days!) Mum retired in 2017 after a lifetimes work, during which time she invested all her time and effort making Laskill Grange what it is today. I added Laskill House to our little world in 2008, initially as a B&B, now making a stunning private Exclusive Use venue or as a focal point for guests wishing to hire the whole of Laskill.

I wanted to create a place where people could come to unwind and relax, Laskill has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and provides an ideal country feel where you can totally immerse yourself in nature and the unique landscape the North Yorkshire Moors offers.

I love meeting people and adopt a very ‘hands on’ approach, I hope you love Laskill too.

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History of Laskill

Dating back to the Middle Ages, and originally under the control of Rievaulx Abbey (A Heritage Monument located nearby) it is generally recognised that central Laskill is composed of only three buildings :- Laskill House itself, Laskill Grange and the Quaker Meeting House, the oldest standing building and final resting place of over fifty Quakers.

Laskill was important as a medieval trading place and also as a settlement for Cistercian monks. Skilled metallurgists, they established a highly advanced blast furnace, the single medieval furnace so far identified in Britain, which produced a very refined iron ore. Sadly its progress was ended in 1538 by Henry VIII with the destruction of Rievaulx Abbey. If the monks had been allowed to pass on their new techniques the Industrial Revolution may have arrived two and a half centuries sooner.

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